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“CO-OP Education Model” has been applied by Hasan Kalyoncu University Electrical-Electronics Engineering Departmant for 4 years and aims to merge higher education with business life and fill the gaps between business world and university. The university students who do internship with CO-OP, get work experience by participating in the work life actively while they continue their university educations.

The most important advantage of the CO-OP Education Model is giving opportunity for work experience to students and getting easier transition to business world. The students who do internships with CO-OP, have the opportunity to find the proper sector and field/department for themselves while they are still studying. Also they can show their performance and after their graduation they can be employed directly in the CO-OP company.

The 3rd and 4th grade students of the university who satisfy the conditions for CO-OP program, are placed in the partner companies for a long term internship in period for one semester and have the chance to get work experience while they are still studying.

Co-Op Education Deadline:18 January 2021
The applicants are required to submit their documents and join the Google Classroom
Classroom Code: