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Head of Department’s Message

Prof. Dr. Celal KORASLI
of Department

Dear Students,

Welcome to Hasan Halyoncu University, Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department

Our first goal is to graduate Electrical-Electronics Engineers being sensitive to the moral and ethical issues as well as having strong practical and theoretical background. Additionally, we are hoping that our students will be able to compete against their peers in the global race with the help of our precious faculty members.

Our second aim is that our students will have great advantage not only to practice using their theoretical background in Gaziantep which is also known as one of the top-line industrial cities in Turkey, but also, it would be easy for them to find internships and job offers during and after graduation. Furthermore, by completing their undergraduate degrees, they will be eligible to continue their studies or work on wide scope of areas such as Power Systems, Signal Processing, Electronics, Control, Robotics, etc.

We are inviting our dear students to produce better working environment and works with us in which they will find true happiness.

My kind regards,