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Graduation Project

Dear senior students,

As of this semester, process of graduation projects was updated. You can find the details about updated process below. If you have any question about the process, you can contact with graduation project coordinator Dr. Bilal EID or graduation projects assistant Res. Asst. Fatih ALISINANOGLU .

We wish you all success in your graduation projects.


Updated Graduation Project Process

1) Graduation projects will be completed in groups of two or three.

2) Each group must select five projects from the projects listed below by filling out the “Project Selection Form” below.

3) Each group will submit the “Project Selection Form” to Res. Asst. Fatih ALISINANOGLU until 11.10.2022

4) Project-Group matchings will be done according to the priority order of the groups. If more than one group chooses the same project, priority will be given to the group whose members have the highest average GPA.

5) Project-Group matchings will be announced on 14.10.2022 on the graduation projects web page.

6) After the project-group matchings are completed, the students will start working with the advisor of the related project.

7) Each group will meet with the advisor each week and after each meeting the decisions and the developments about the project process will be written in the “Project Follow-up Form” below.

8) All groups will write an interim report in form of the “Graduation Project Report” below until 05.11.2022 then submit it to project advisors and  Res. Asst. Fatih ALISINANOGLU

9) All groups will write last version of graduation project reports until 14.12.2022 according to form of “Graduation Project Report” below. All reports will be submitted to Res. Asst. Fatih ALISINANOGLU for plagiarism and template check.

10) The final reports passing through the first control will be updated and will be submitted to Res. Asst. Fatih ALISINANOGLU for plagiarism and template check until 25.12.2022.

11) The final reports that passed through the last check will be submitted to advisors and Res. Asst. Fatih ALISINANOGLU until 28.12.2022.

12) A “Demo Day” will be held on 10.01.2023 for the graduation project presentations. During the demo each group will prepare a poster in A1 format for explaining their projects. Each group will present their products to a jury which included people from academy and sector in the foyer area.

Note 1: Students who do not want to select the projects listed below can discuss their projects with any instructor by completing the “Project Suggestion Form” below. The project proposals approved by the instructors should be submitted to the Graduation Project Coordinator until 1 day before the project selection (10.10.2022).

Note 2: There will be no tolerance in the “Important Dates” during the graduation project process. Students who dont submit the documents till deadlines and fail to fulfill their responsibilities will be deemed unsuccessful from graduation project.

Note 3: Plagiarism rate in the graduation project final report must be maximum 30%. Otherwise, groups with a plagiarism report of more than 30% will be deemed unsuccessful from the graduation project course.

Click for the report for graduation project.



17 09 2022 Last day for submission of the title + abstract of the Graduation Projects by the Faculty Members to Coordinatorship
11 10 2022 Last day for submission of Graduation Project registration forms by students
05 11 2022 Last day for submission of Graduation Project Interim Report
24 12 2022 Pre-control of template + plagiarism Graduation Projects
28 12 2022 Final control of template + plagiarism Graduation Projects
31 12 2022 Last day for submission of graduation projects (consultant template check completed)
10 01 2023 Graduation Project Poster + Jury Presentations


Project Number Supervisor Project Name
F2301 2-Bit Decoder Project Details
F2302 Cell Phone Jammer Project Details
F2303 Egg-Counter Camera Based Project Details
F2304 Four Quadrant Dc Motor Control Project Details
F2305 Heart Care System for Monitoring Heart Beat Project Details
F2306 Image Processing, Audio Processing, Video Processing Project Details
F2307 Induction Furnace Project Details
F2308 One axis DC motor position control with Accelerometer and Gyroscope based via wireless communication Project Details
F2309 Single Rotor Drone Project Details
F2310 Development of the mobile data logger that can measure temperature, humidity and global position. Project Details