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A Novel Driver Fatigue Detection System Design

A Novel Driver Fatigue Detection System Design

Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU), Electric – Electronic Engineering Research Assistant Ali Acıoğlu of signing a design that will save the lives of thousands of people, aims to prevent from possible damage and fatalities to sleep in traffic.

Traffic accidents; injuries, property losses, and even result in the loss of life can be one of the most important problems in our lives. The factors that cause traffic accidents? driver, pedestrian, road, vehicle and can be summarized as environmental. “Human Factor” has a 90% share in the occurrence of traffic accidents. Induced sleep and carelessness of drivers in traffic is the most important factor in the formation of this rate. Some research has shown that insomnia may be more dangerous than alcohol in traffic. One out of every three accidents caused by sleep experts are considered. Sleep problems are frequently found in particularly heavy vehicle drivers. 2010 90% of our country’s transportation Official data is provided by highway. Again, according to 2010 statistics, our country has about 950,000 heavy commercial vehicles and the risk of injury and death in accidents involving these vehicles is about 3 times more than other vehicles.

Experienced in traffic and developed a solution to prevent accidents that sleep caused by HK Electric – Electronic Engineering Research Assistant Ali Acıoğl is presented to the Science and Industry Ministry “Driver Design Sleep Warning Device” A project called “techno venture capital support,” said the winner. Acıoğlu the scope of this project, it was announced that £ 90,000 grant given to develop the use of design and design.

Project; the driver decides that sleep sleep, drive, working with contactless computer vision, alerting the driver during sleep can overcome the damage minimal casualties of serious accidents could occur in an intelligent system that tasarlanmasıamaçlan reported. In addition, the eyes of the driver’s fatigue analysis parameters of the systems; kullanıcılarınauyg costs, said to offer high performance and ergonomic to use.

Project outputs an “advanced driver assistance system” (ISDS / ADAS) is the solution, as well as being exported has the potential, if completed, the market size of the Global ISDS World in 2012; 22.7 billion USD, while in 2018; It is estimated at USD 460 billion. A2tech IT; this large market place in order to receive the advance, the domestically produced current projects and future of our country says it wants versiyonlarındav located in the targeted car project.