About EEE499 Graduation Project Plagiarism Reports

About EEE499 Graduation Project Plagiarism Reports

All students taking the EEE499-Graduation Project course should follow the steps below and upload the Graduation Project reports to the plagiarism system by the deadlines specified below.

Turnitin Link

Turnitin System Information for Graduation Projects:

  • Class ID: 23328629
  • Class Enrollment Key: hkueee

Report Deadlines:

  • Plagiarism pre-control of Graduation Projects: 25-Dec-2019   08:00AM   –    27-Dec-2019    23:59PM
  • Plagiarism final control of Graduation Projects: 29-Dec-2019   08:00AM   –   31-Dec-2019    23:59PM
  • Final submission of Graduation Projects (no changes may be made) 03-Jan-2020   08:00AM   –   03-Jan-2020    23:59PM


Until 6th of January 2020 17:00, 1 paperbacked hardcopy of the final thesis and 1 CD ( which is including ms-word document of the thesis) must be delivered to the Res. Asst. Fatih Alisinanoğlu