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Google Classroom Codes of All Lectures

021-2022 SPRING TERM CLASSROOM CODES EE102 Computer tools for EEE :3zbfusv EEE372 Digital Signal Processing: ynve3a4 EE242/EEE212 Digital Electronics: gopxi6r MATH114 Discrete Mathematics: naixdt6 EE384/EEE322-Lab Electromechanical Energy Conversion-II Lab: kbzhdfm PHYS102 General Physics II:4dn4jet PHYS102-Lab-General Physics 2 laboratory: mz6cflh CENG244/CENG314 – Microprocessors: 77wravg EE334 – Communication Theory:i5vzffs EE352 – Control Systems:btjp533 FE201/FE202 – Occupational Health […]

About EEE499 Graduation Project Plagiarism Reports

All students taking the EEE499-Graduation Project course should follow the steps below and upload the Graduation Project reports to the plagiarism system by the deadlines specified below. Turnitin Link Turnitin System Information for Graduation Projects: Class ID: 23328629 Class Enrollment Key: hkueee Report Deadlines: Plagiarism pre-control of Graduation Projects: 25-Dec-2019   08:00AM   –    27-Dec-2019    […]

About EEE499 Graduation Project Interim Reports

The deadline for submission of interim reports for the Graduation Projects is 08.11.2019. There will be no extension on this date and the late students will be deemed to be unsuccessful from this course. Interim report grades will be given by supervisor of each student / group. Graduation Project Evaluation Criterias are available at link.

EEE Department Offical Social Media Accounts

Electrical – Electronics Engineering Department Offical Social Media Accounts Linkedin: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: